Art + Creative Direction


b. 1986, HK.


Hi there. I’m an artist/designer/printmaker currently working in the SF bay area. By day I’m a Senior Art Director at Rally Health in San Francisco. By night I can be found working in my art studio drawing, rendering, screen printing, woodworking, making things.

Over the years I've worked in brand development for small business to corporate titans. I've created brand books, marketing campaigns, vector graphics, custom lettering, out-of-home advertising, toy packaging, trade show experiences, event activations, retail store displays, event branding, video concepts as well as sets and props for film production.

The name Plaid Again came from a blogspot page I started in 2007. I was traveling a lot at the time and my roommate suggested I start a blog. All I needed was a name. I looked over at my closet and thought, "well... looks like I'm gonna wear plaid again." I typed it in and clicked publish. Since that day, Plaid Again has been the name of three websites, a screen printing business (RIP) as well as every social handle I've ever had. Check out my FOLLOW page for proof.


Areas of focus:

Custom Lettering
Vector Illustration
Environmental Design
Character Design